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What kind of authors & publishers can submit books for P.J.Boox?

Self-published and Indie authors as well as micro, small press, vanity and subsidy publishers may submit books. Traditionally published large publishing houses and imprints may not.

Do I really get to keep 98% of the sales?

Yep! Authors/publishers receive 98% of the in-store sales. 

What about on-line sales ? Do I have to ship books?

Our web store is an optional upgrade. Authors/publishers who elect to offer their books on P.J. Boox will receive 60% of any on-line sales. P.J. Boox handles all of the packaging and shipping from your in-store inventory. Web orders are shipped via media mail and shipping is free for the consumer.

How do I get paid?

Authors/Publishers may select to be paid by Zelle, Facebook cash or check. Please note that checks will be issued only after reaching a total of $50 to avoid extra charges.

How big is the shelf space and how many books will it hold?

The individual shelves are 15.75 "x 3" and may hold up to 6 individual titles although 2 - 3 makes for the best display.

Can I share shelf space with another author?

Our basic rule is: same author, same genre. Spaces are for single authors, co-authors or compilation/anthology books only. All books on the shelf need to be the same genre so that readers can easily find what they are looking for. Publishers may showcase more than one author at a time but they must be the same genre. Please note: PJBoox Downtown is not split by genres so authors may display more than one genre on the same shelf.

UPDATE: For a limited time we are offering a new program called "Shelf Share" which will allow 2 authors to share one shelf. Details can be found on the membership information pages... Please note that due to size variations, children's books can not shelf share.

Can I have more than one space?

Sure! Authors with large volumes of works may purchase additional shelves but are limited to 2 spaces per genre. Publishers may purchases as many as 4 spaces and are also limited to no more than 2 spaces per genre.

Will P.J. Boox order my books through my distributor?

No. PJ Boox does not order or buy books. Authors and publishers may supply books directly or have books shipped from a third party (Createspace, KDP or other printer for example)

How many books can I have in inventory?

A total of 10 per shelf. If a book becomes a best seller, we may increase the inventory to keep shelves stocked. Authors & publishers will also provide display copies which will not be sold.

Can I do a reading/signing in the store?

Absolutely! Authors can schedule 1 appearance per 4 month period and publishers can schedule up to 6 per year. Sales will be handled by P.J. Boox and author will receive the same in-store compensation of 98% of any sales.

Where is the store located?

P.J.Boox Bookstore is located in Fort Myers, Florida. It is a retail location in a tropical shopping center next to a Jason's Deli, Red Salon (an upscale salon and spa) and Mon Paris French Bakery (a coffee shop and bakery).

As of Dec 2017, Gulf Coast Bookstore /P.J. Boox Downtown has closed.

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